Singh’s Engineering Services are manufacturers of Food-Grade Stainless Steel products, specialising in 1-off and short production runs for the catering, restaurant and fast food industries.


We design and manufacture

  • Food preparation areas:
    • custom-made workspaces and stainless steel benches
    • splashbacks and splash guards
    • framing and shelves
    • commercial kitchen clean-and-washdown areas
  • Large cooking pots
  • Tandoor (tandoori) ovens and associated equipment
  • Tea urns

All built to the highest standards for food hygiene requirements.


Our cooking pots are in widespread use throughout New Zealand, in commercial kitchens, Indian Temples and Maraes.

In addition to commercial and high throughput settings, our pots can be found where large numbers of people are to be fed: for example, at Indian Temples and on Maraes.

Our speciality range of stainless steel cooking pots are of robust construction with extra heavy bases for even cooking (6mm thick stainless steel as standard, even thicker is available on request). Sizes range from a relatively small 25cm diameter and 22cm high to – well, the largest we’ve ever built was 900 cm in diameter and held 450 litres (almost 100 gallons) of food!

We hold some cooking pots and associated utensils in stock, but most of our food contact products are made to order.

Please email, call or drop in to discuss your requirements.


Corner bench in place - closeup
pots 2
pots 1

Large TandoorWith a name like “Singh’s Engineering”, we of course have an interest in ethnic cooking!

We produce Tandoori ovens for both commercial and domestic kitchens: construction methods are identical with size the only difference between the models.

Our tandoors are constructed from steel and aluminium are fully insulated and designed to be gas heated. A selection of scrapers and skewers are supplied with your Tandoor, the gas ring needs to be purchased separately.

A unique alternative to the “kiwi barbeque” for outdoor cooking, testing of the domestic version found it to be an excellent alternative to the traditional clay tandoor when cooking Roti and naan breads, along with the usual tandoor chicken, kebabs and other meats.

For the ethnic food market we manufacture and supply Roti (cooking) plates and custom grills made to your specifications: please contact us with your ideas or requirements.