SE-Tech 2-3200-LSe-Tech (“Singh’s Engineering Technology”) is Singh’s Engineering Services’ in-house brand.

Se-Tech products are designed to add value to a water line or supply. Installed in-line, the water powered In-Line Automatic Dispenser doses systems with chemicals, minerals and nutrients: minimising or eliminating drenching for Bloat, Facial Eczema and/or animal health remedies. This reduces labour costs while increasing herd health.


In a complementary manner, Se-Tech Water Flow Indicators identify wastage and leaks in a water system: this is of key importance when value has been added to the water supply and for farms where water quality and/or consumption is monitored or charged for.


WFI water flow indicatorAt present in development, the Se-Tech In-line Chlorinator is designed to improve water quality through reduction and elimination of bacterial  contamination – particularly E coli and biofilm.

First seen at the NZ National Agricultural Fieldays®, the Chlorinator is at the advanced prototype stage and is expected to be available for purchase late 2016 (dependent on field trials).


The Dispenser Transport Case fits all current Se-Tech dispensers, and was designed to provide a lightweight, rigid method for couriering dispensers between the farm and our service depot in Hamilton.

For service or support of your dispenser, please go here to identify your dispenser, here for parts or here for servicing.