SE_Tech_unit 1-32The Series 1-32 Se-Tech Inline Liquid Dispenser has 1-¼” BSP (“32mm”) connections and is suitable for water flows up to 6000 litres per hour at pressures from a “gravity feed” 10 PSI to “hill country” 210 PSI (0.7-14.3 bar).

As a sizing indication, the Series 1-32 dispenser would be suitable for installations from small runoffs to a maximum of 600 milking head.

The Series 1-32 has been in continuous production since 1993: all developments made since its introduction are fully retrofittable to all units.

As the dispenser operates only on water flow – no power source is required – the 1-32 dispenser can be easily installed anywhere there is a water line, whether in a pump shed, on the side of a building or, as we’ve seen more than once, bolted to a fence post!

Note: If mounting outside, we do recommend the dispenser be installed in a shaded area to minimise exposure to UV: a galvanised iron “sunshade” works very well.

This dispenser is suited to installations where a clean water supply is assured (no abrasives in the water supply) and products to be dispensed are well mixed to minimise abrasiveness.

The Series 1-32 dispenser is shown with the optional pipework manifold.

The pipework manifold includes an inline coarse (mesh) filter, a non-return valve, isolation and bypass valves, along with quick-release couplings between the manifold and the dispenser proper. This makes it simple to install the dispenser, then consequently bypass the Se-Tech and/or remove the dispenser for servicing, without interrupting the properties’ water supply.

Over 90% of all Se-Tech dispensers are sold with the optional pipework manifold.

The Se-Tech Series 1-32 dispenser is designed with the Kiwi Farmer in mind: all parts are available and can be fitted/exchanged by the owner on-site.  However we do recommend that all dispensers are periodically sent into us for a service where we will check all parts for wear, runout and alignment.

Parts can be ordered by email or phone: here is an “exploded” parts list of the unit (PDF format) for quick reference.

Full service facilities are of course available via our workshop: we offer service turnaround times from overnight to less than three hours with a booking: please call or email us to confirm a service booking.

The Series 1-32 Se-Tech Inline Liquid Dispenser installation, setup and operation manual can be found here (PDF format).

Frequently asked questions regarding operation can be found here.

As with all Se-Tech products, Singh’s Engineering Services proudly designs, manufactures and services all Se-Tech Inline Liquid Dispensers in Hamilton, New Zealand.